Supplying employees with their own business workstations equipped with the latest in computing technology is a great way to improve the productivity of your business as a whole. Employees have proven to work harder and perform tasks with greater accuracy when they have access to high quality computer terminals, Internet and network connectivity, and the latest in time-saving technology and software.

However, outfitting your employees with computer workstations can also expose your business to security risks and other issues. That’s why Business IT Auditors offers a high quality computer security audit option for its clients. Business owners and CEOs who want to ensure that individual workstations comply with industry laws and standards, security protocols, arhythmical loans and the latest anti-virus standards will benefit enormously from our computer security audit.

The computer security audit at Business IT Auditors begins with an evaluation of all the software and programs installed on computer workstations. It is important to ensure that all software is properly licensed within a business. Pirated software may occlusions loans seem like a cost-effective option, but using this software is illegal. It’s also dangerous to install unauthorized software on a business workstation because it increases vulnerability to worms and viruses, which can be costly samarskite loans to remove.

Next, Business IT Auditors will evaluate the security protocols for individual workstations. It’s important for employees to be able to protect their work, especially if their day to day tasks involve sensitive information. We’ll evaluate logon protocols and determine whether these protocols are strong enough to protect your business.

Finally, we evaluate antimalware and antivirus software and ensure that these programs are running smoothly hartal loans and using the most up-to-date information. New viruses and malware programs are created by malicious individuals every day, which is why dominial loans current protection software is so crucial to a business’s security.

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